How much is Max Del Real hurting the medical marijuana movement?

At the end of this blog is a video of Max Del Real in action. Watch how the Sacramento City Council heckles Max because of his arrogant, demeaning, and ridiculous testimony.

Medical marijuana is a sensitive issue for any dispensary that needs professional and competent representation. Are you putting your best foot forward?

One day Max Del Real (an unsuccessful English teacher), decided he was going to roll into Sacramento and call himself a lobbyist. Never mind that he had no knowledge of the process, and no contacts to call upon for advocacy and influence. All it took was $25 and a PO Box, and the made-up “California Capitol Solutions” was created out of thin air.

According to Sacramento County records (search online at, there is no fictitious business name or business license issued to either Max Del Real or for California Capitol Solutions, as a legtimate and authorized business entity.

No surprise though, because you can typically tell how legitimate (and successful) a lobbyist is when they don’t even have a office in downtown (where all of the action happens and a real lobbyist needs to be every day).

Max is the kind of guy who prefers to talk in metaphors and clich├ęs, because he doesn’t know what he is talking about, and tries to fill conversations with fluff and hot air. On the street we should call Max Del Real a shuckster.

You can expect Max Del Real to talk about making some touchdown, being in the final play, breaking bread, but nothing of substance. By the end of the conversation, he hasn’t said anything meaningful.

If you have ever seen the character Johnny White Feather in the Eddie Murphy movie “Imagine That” then you know exactly what I mean.

When Max comes to you and says he has some deal going with Person A, then he has probably tried to convince Person A that he has some deal going with you to trick them into cooperating. In most cases, he hasn’t reached an agreement with anyone, and is BS’ing the whole time to sell his load of crap.

With an extremely sensitive ego, Max Del Real over-compensates by trying to be a glory hound in the media, who will quickly turn on you and blame you for his own shortcomings. He wants to be ‘the guy’ who brings it all together. But elected officials are confused by him, which might be why his so-called deals fall short of success.

Confused by his statements, decision makers blow him off. When Max makes promises to people that certain things are going to happen, it usually all goes to shit because he didn’t do his homework and doesn’t understand what is really going on.

Want to see all of this in action? Just watch this short video of him being heckled by elected officials.

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